Rep. Bourne: Pritzker’s Budget Address Spends More Than Ever and Relies on Election Year Gimmicks

State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Morrisonville) issued the following statement in response to Governor JB Pritzker’s 2022 joint State of the State and Budget Address:

“Today Governor Pritzker once again proposed the largest budget in Illinois history. After spending years trying and failing to ram through the largest tax increase our state has ever seen, the Governor has changed his tune. Now that we’re in an election year, he is using money from the federal government to pretend that our financial future in Illinois is sound,” said Bourne. “No one is buying it. When you dig into Pritzker’s budget proposal, our state revenue is projected to decrease by almost half a billion dollars next year, while spending is going up by over $2 billion. This kind of spending growth is irresponsible and unsustainable. However, this is standard practice for Illinois Democrats. Unfortunately, the Governor is trying to use one-time, election-year gimmicks to mislead Illinoisans.”