Amid Silence from Governor, Bourne Again Pushes for Stronger Ethics Bill

With Governor Pritzker still not having signed the democrats sham ‘ethics reform’ legislation that was sent to his desk over 45 days ago, State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Morrisonville) is renewing her call for the Governor to issue an amendatory veto to the bill, SB539.

Over three weeks ago, Rep. Bourne and 34 members of the House Republican Caucus sent a letter to the Governor asking him to issue that amendatory veto, so that a better, more comprehensive bill could be reached. That letter came on the heels of Legislative Inspector General Carol Pope announcing her resignation, citing SB539 as one of the reasons she cannot remain in her post.

To date, Bourne has yet to receive a response from Governor Pritzker on her request. 

“Illinois needs broad anti-corruption safeguards to hold elected officials accountable and help renew citizens’ trust in state government,” said Rep. Bourne. “The bill that was passed was incomplete and flawed. Governor Pritzker should do the right thing and remove the parts of the bill that disempower the Legislative Inspector General and use this as an opportunity to begin working on a comprehensive ethics reform package. If the Governor chooses to sign this bill, it is just another broken promise from him and shows he is not interested in strengthening the ethics laws in Illinois.”

“This bill was initially seen as a stepping stone, a tiny first step in the right direction that we need to be going. But when our legislative watchdog resigns citing this legislation; it should serve as a huge warning sign to get serious about holding politicians accountable.” 

Pritzker has publicly stated that he would have preferred a stronger ethics bill than what was passed on the final day of legislative session in the Illinois House, but for Bourne and the House Republicans, actions speak louder than words. 

“Our caucus has been pushing for ethics reform for years; we stand ready and willing to work toward an agreeable bill that will create the change we need to see in our statehouse ethics. Governor Pritzker, please do the right thing and issue an amendatory veto for Senate Bill 539,” continued Bourne. 

The initial letter from the House Republicans was sent on July 16, 2021 and can be viewed here. Governor Pritzker has 60 days from the time the bill was sent to his desk to issue an amendatory veto, otherwise after that time the bill automatically becomes law.