Rep. Bourne Reacts to State Budget Proposal

LITCHFIELD—Today Governor JB Pritzker gave his annual budget address virtually to the 102nd General Assembly. Below is a statement from State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Morrisonville) in response: 

“Today the Governor presented a budget that is $1.65 Billion out of balance. After Governor Pritzker’s proposed graduated income was defeated by voters in November, I am disappointed but unfortunately not surprised that the Governor is now proposing over $900 million in new taxes on Illinois small businesses and employers. 

“The Governor has also shown his priorities in this proposed budget. His budget includes funding for programs in the awful police reform bill that passed during lame duck – signaling his intention to sign the legislation. He proposes decreased funding for school transportation – a signal of more remote learning. Governor Pritzker also doubled down on sending no new funding to school districts while imposing more costly mandates. In a proposed budget with line after line of spending increases, our local schools are having more costs passed on to them with no way of paying for them. This perspective on government as seen in his Budget Address – more government programs, more mandates, more taxes, and unbalanced budgets has failed Illinoisans for decades.”