Rep. Bourne, House Republicans Demand House Democrats Stand up to Madigan, Corruption

Illinois House Republican caucus members held a Zoom press conference on Tuesday to demand their Democrat counterparts in the House stand up and speak out against the continued reign of long-time House Speaker Mike Madigan. The Republicans agree with top Democrats that Speaker Madigan’s time in leadership is up.

“When people think of Illinois, they think of corruption. This culture developed over decades while Mike Madigan ruled as Speaker of the House,” said State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield). “The General Assembly simply cannot function with him as Speaker. Every decision, every vote, every committee hearing is stained with mistrust. If last Tuesday taught us anything, it is that Illinoisans have lost all trust and faith in their government. Trust in state government does not improve until we have a new Speaker of the House. Mike Madigan must go.”

State Rep. and Assistant Minority Leader Avery Bourne argued that continued silence by members of the Democrat party is a tacit endorsement of continued corruption.

 “It’s time for House Democrats to show some political courage and leadership,” said State Rep. Avery Bourne (R-Morrisonville). “House Republicans are united against Mike Madigan as Speaker, and as of today eight House Democrats have stated publicly that they too will not support him. If five additional Democrats are willing to say enough is enough and it’s time for a change, Mike Madigan’s days as Speaker of the House are over. I’m calling on Illinoisans to contact their representatives and ask that they vote no on Mike Madigan serving as Speaker of the House. Silence in this case, is an endorsement of a continuation of the culture of corruption Mike Madigan has overseen.”

Rep. Mike Marron says his short time in Springfield has illuminated the number one problem facing the state. “When the entire State’s legislative priorities are dependent on gaining favor from one single individual, in this case Mike Madigan, we’ve got a problem,” Marron said. “This democracy that we all love and fight for and rely on is constantly thwarted because Mike Madigan has consolidated so much power that he can single-handedly decide if important legislation moves forward. He’s been in state government since before I was born! Dick Durbin, Tammy Duckworth, and JB Pritzker have all called his leadership at the top of their party problematic. I don’t care about whether it’s a problem for Democrats politically. Mike Madigan’s continued leadership of the House of Representatives needs to end as soon as possible so a democratic process can be restored and followed.”