Submitting an Online Witness Slip

Would you like to give an opinion on a certain bill moving through the Legislature right now? The following information will tell you how to submit a witness slip stating your position, even if you can’t make it to Springfield to do so in person.

What is a witness slip?

A “witness slip” is a statement of support or opposition that you can make in lieu of actually attending a committee hearing. You do not need to attend any hearing in Springfield in order to file a witness slip expressing your view.

How do I voice my opposition or support for a bill in a committee?

The Illinois House’s online witness slip entree is at Select the committee where a particular bill is assigned, and find the bill on the committee’s schedule. Fill out and then submit the form provided for the particular bill online.

  1. Go to
  2. First time use: CLICK on Register (you may file without registering, skip to #8)
  3. Enter email address
  4. Set password, confirm password
  5. CLICK on agree box
  6. Email will be sent to you, open and CLICK on confirmation link
  7. Fill out profile, use local department if permitted
  8. On left column, CLICK on SENATE or HOUSE
  9. CLICK on “Committee Hearings”
  10. CLICK on “Week” tab
  11. Pick Committee Hearing with a CLICK on right side grey button next to desired committee
  12. Go to desired bill number, CLICK on far right button to file a witness slip; OR
  13. If no bill number is available, Enter Subject Matter, for example, “Supreme Court Budget”
  14. Fill out all fields, including name of local department if permitted
  15. Section III, CLICK on a position button (Proponent, Opponent, No Position)
  16. Section IV, CLICK on Testimony button (Oral, Written Filed, Record of Appearance Only – only click ORAL if you are appearing to testify)
  17. If you didn’t register above, enter CAPTCHA words and CLICK on Agree to Terms
  18. CLICK on “Create Slip” button, bottom right of page.
  19. Exit, and LOG OFF in upper right of page.