State Payments Expedited to Taylorville in Wake of Tornado

State Representative Avery Bourne announced that, given the devastation to the area caused by the recent tornadoes and violent storms, the Illinois Comptroller has just released over $200,000 in payments due to Taylorville Memorial Hospital.

The money was owed to the hospital for Medicaid patient treatment and was processed Monday to aid the community in the recovery effort. A spokesperson for the hospital told Bourne’s office that they were appreciative of the thoughtfulness of the act. 

Representative Bourne stated, “The devastation caused to our area, specifically in Taylorville, is heartbreaking to see. From this tragedy, though, we see the best of our community. People are volunteering and donating food, helping in any way they can to ensure that everyone is safe, sheltered, and knows they are cared for.” She added that if anyone needs assistance, they should call her office at (217) 324-5200.

More than 20 people were injured in the storm and hundreds of structures were damaged or destroyed. The tornado that hit Taylorville was categorized as an EF-3 and had wind speeds up to 155 miles-per-hour. Bourne’s office toured the tornado-ravaged areas of Taylorville on Sunday with Congressman Rodney Davis, Governor Bruce Rauner, Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp, and other local officials. Following the tour, the Governor declared Christian County a disaster area, enabling state resources to be used to assist in the recovery effort. The Comptroller’s act of expediting payments is one such way the state can assist and ease the burden of rebuilding.