Gun Control Bill Fails in Illinois House

On Thursday, the Illinois House voted on a piece of legislation labeled by many as a gun control measure. House Bill 4117, would have, among other provisions, outlawed all trigger modification devices intended to accelerate a firearm’s rate of fire. State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) voted against the bill, which failed to pass in the House. 

“This bill was another example of a knee-jerk response to a complex issue. We will not curb gun violence by further regulating and criminalizing those who responsibly and legally own and use firearms. House Bill 4117 would have made felons out of 40 to 50 percent of our law-abiding gun owners,” Bourne said. She added, “The bill was both an infringement on our Second Amendment rights and a disservice to those concerned with the proliferation of violence and illegal gun activity in our society.”

Proponents of the bill acknowledged that the legislation was drafted in response to the events that took place in Las Vegas.
The bill needed 2/3rds majority (or 71 votes) in order to pass and failed 48-54. Not dissuaded by this setback, Illinois Democrats have filed another so-called assault weapons ban and have advanced a restrictive and duplicative gun dealer licensing bill to the House floor for a final vote in the near future.