Bourne Continues Push for State Employee Pay Legislation

A St. Clair Judge has denied Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s controversial motion today to end state employee pay without a budget in place. Madigan’s motion would have ended payment to state employees beginning February 28th, 2017.

After hearing of the announcement, State Representative Avery Bourne released the following statement in response:

“This decision today, to continue state employee pay, reinforces how inappropriate Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s actions were to stop state employee pay. I am glad that the court decision protects state employees and their families and will avert a government shutdown. However, we cannot rest on this decision alone. To ensure that state employees and their pay are never used as pawns in these political games again, I urge my colleagues in the House to debate and vote on our permanent, bipartisan solution to make state employee pay a continuing appropriation.”

Rep. Bourne is sponsoring House Bill 2803, in response to Attorney General Madigan’s motion, which would make continuing appropriation to state workers a permanent change. It has not yet been scheduled for a hearing.