Rep. Bourne Leads Tour Of Graham Correctional Center

Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) welcomed colleagues from the Illinois House to join her on a tour of Graham Correctional Center on Monday, October 17th.

“Graham Correctional facility is important to the residents of Hillsboro, Montgomery County, and surrounding communities, it serves as a key component in the Illinois Department of Corrections,” said Rep. Bourne. “I often hear concerns from the community and those that work here at Graham; whether it is uniform changes, working conditions, or other various questions.” Bourne added, “I feel that it is important to listen and understand what is happening inside this facility.”

On the tour officials visited several different areas of the facility which included the clinic, industrial arts building, substance abuse counseling center, visitation room, and guard stations. Lawmakers were able to interact with prisoners and converse with correctional officers.

“It’s important that legislators take the time to visit state facilities, listen to correctional officers, and understand what these men and women who serve our community are encountering,” said Rep. Bourne.

Graham Correctional Center is a medium security correctional facility that houses adult male prisoners. It is located two miles southeast of Hillsboro on Route 185 and has 50 buildings housed on over one hundred acres. Graham Correctional Center not only serves the general population but houses several special populations, including those who receive substance abuse treatment, sex offender treatment, and inmates in a kidney dialysis program.