Advisory Committees Aide Legislative Agenda

Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) has been meeting with Advisory Committees throughout the month of September.  

The groups meet twice a year and are comprised of experts and concerned citizens from throughout the district.  Bourne currently has five advisory committees: Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Millennials, and Veterans.  Bourne is also asking for individuals who are interested in being on future committees to contact her office. 

Advisory Committees gather information and opinions about community issues and potential legislative changes. Additionally, they review and advise Bourne on legislation designed to improve the quality of life within the district.  

The Veterans Advisory Committee had success during the last legislative session with several bills becoming law and there are more legislative issues they are hoping to see enacted in the future.   

Most recently, the Agriculture Committee discussed transportation needs and the impact of our higher education system on our agriculture industries. 

“The best legislation comes from those who are most closely associated with its impact. Discussing issues with these committees is invaluable to the legislative process,” said Rep. Bourne. “I enjoy working with them to craft legislation and gain insight into their areas of expertise.” Rep. Bourne welcomes anyone from the community who would like to share their thoughts or concerns by joining a committee.  

All of the advisory boards will meet again in February of 2017.  Individuals who are interested and would like to sign up are asked to contact her district office in Litchfield at 217-324-5200.