Bourne Co-Sponsors Bill: No Budget, No Pay

Litchfield… State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) is co-sponsoring legislation that would deny lawmakers their paychecks if there is no balanced budget. The State of Illinois is currently in its seventh month without one.   The bill demands that within 30 days of the enactment of a budget, the Auditor General’s Office must certify that the budget will be balanced with expenses not exceeding expected revenue.   If the Auditor General declares that the budget is not balanced then the Comptroller will:

  • Stop payment for the salary of General Assembly members and Constitutional Officers; and
  • Within 10 days of the Auditor General’s certification that the budget is not balanced, the General Assembly must convene to enact a new state budget.

Rep. Bourne commented on the necessity of the bill:

“The need for common sense legislation like this is stronger than ever,” said Bourne. “We’re in our seventh month without a concrete financial plan and no one is being held accountable to the taxpayers. For years, our constituents have watched helplessly as the legislature passed unbalanced budget after unbalanced budget. It’s about time that the legislature put forth the necessary effort to give us something that is truly balanced or not get paid.”